Green Economy in a Blue World. Minerals


Green Economy in a Blue World - Minerals

The exploitation of deep sea minerals has been on the horizon ever since the economic crisis of the 1970, when first explorations of minerals and development of technologies commenced.

Three major types of minerals can be found

• manganese or polymetallic nodules, ’potatoe-shaped’, mostly found in abyssal plains at 4000 to 6000 meters,

• cobalt-rich crusts on seamounts, roughly 20 cm thick

• seafloor massive sulphides (sms) found at hydrothermal vents

The seafloor outside of countries’ Exclusive Economic Zones and Outer Continentl Shelves is considered Common Heritage of Mankind – it’s mineral resources are governed by the International Seabed Authority. Countries can apply for exploration-rights. No country has started exploitation in these ‚areas beyond national jurisdiction’ yet.

However, Nautilus, a private company is about to exploit copper and gold in SMS at 1600 meters depth in the waters of Papua New Guinea.

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Datasets used in this map

ECS as of March 2011 Details B
World EEZs
Manganese Nodules Details B
Sulphide deposits Details B
Cobalt Crusts Details B
Hydrothermal Vents active & confirmed
CCZ Contractors Details B
COMRA Cluster Details B
Reserved Areas CCZ Details B
Russian Federation PMS License Areas Details B
Contractor Area Indian Ocean Details B
Reserved Areas Central Indian Ocean Basin Details B
Nautilus' Solwara 1 Project Area