Green Economy in a Blue World. World Marine Fishery and Nutrition


Green Economy in a Blue World - Fishery

The fisheries sector – in particular small-scale fisheries and aquaculture – is important in the transition towards a green economy due to its interconnectivity with and reliance on aquatic ecosystems, and the potential for people employed in it to act as stewards of the wider marine environment to a larger extent than they already do. As well as being a rich source of protein, many fish provide vital nutrition and health benefits through provision of minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

This map tries to show the relations between nutrition in the form of fish protein, aquaculture and marine fishery production. Combining these sectors in a sustainable way could lead to a more healthy habitat for fish species and a better supply of nutrition for everybody.

Data Sources: FAO Fisheries & Aquaculture

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Datasets used in this map

World Nutrition Details B
World Marine Fishery Production by Country 2009 in Tonns. Source:FAO Details B
Marine Aquaculture Production Details B